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  Pancake soup (4) 3,70  
  Liver dumpling soup (4) 3,90  


2 Bavarian white sausages with prezel (2,7,8) 6,20
6 original Nürnberger Rostbratwürstl (fried) with Sauerkraut (3,4,7) 6,80
4 Regensburger sausages (grilled) with Sauerkraut (3,4,7) 6,80
Curry sausages, hot or spicy with french fries or potato salad (2,3,4,7,11) 7,20


Small mixed salad 3,80
Salad plate with slices of grilled turkey breast with white bread 9,90
Salad plate with grilled pikepearch (fish) and with white bread 12,90


Grilled wild salmon with herbal sour cream, potato Rösti and salad bouquet 12,80
Rosefish (baked) with parsley potatoes, remoulade and salad 11,80
Pikepearch on leek vegetables with parsley potatoes 14,50


Half roasted knuckle of pork with bread dumplings, Sauerkraut and salad (2,5,8) 9,80
Grilled brisket of pork with bread dumplings, Sauerkraut and salad (2,5,8) 9,20
Bavarian Sauerkraut plate with grilled pork chop, roasted pork, sausages and bacon, in a dark beer sauce with bread dumpling and Sauerkraut (2,5,7,8) 10,80
Meat with onions (grilled) with fried potatoes, roasted onions and salad (4,11) 11,50

Mixed grill "Weisbierhaus" filet of pork, turkey and beef with herb butter, french fries and salad (2,4)

Lights of veal cream Lüngerl cocked with vinegar and spices with bread dumling (4,8) 7,80


Small schnitzel (pork) with french fries (8) 6,20
Small roasted pork with bread dumplings and Sauerkraut 6,50
French fries with ketchup (2,5,11) 2,90
Dumpling or Spaetzle with roast sauce (4) 3,60
Dumpling or Spaetzle with cream sauce (4) 3,90


  Grilled pork loin in a creamy sauce of paprika with housemade Spaetzle and salad (4,8) 11,90  
  Medaillions of pork with mushrooms in a creamy sauce with housemade Spaetzle and salad (4,8) 12,80  
  Fried beef with fried onions, fried potatoes and saladr (4,8) 18,50  
  Pork Schnitzel "Vienna style"
with french fries and salad
with fried potatoes and salad (8)
  Grilled pork filled with ham cheese with french fries and salad (8) 11,20  
  Schnitzel original Vienna style Roasted in butter with cranberries, fried potatoes and salad (8,11) 16,20  
  Stripes of pork filet pepper sauce with Cognac, housemade Spaetzle and salad (4,8) 12,80  
  Schnitzle "Munich style" with horseradish and sweet mustard fried potatoes and salad (2,8,11) 12,80  


Little apple fritters with vanilla icecream and chocolate sauce (5,11) 6,20
Scrambled pancake with plum compote or apple compote (only on request) (2,11) 7,80
Scrambled pancake with vanilla icecream (only on request) (2,11) 8,50


Spaetzle grated with cheese crunchy roasted onions and salad 7,80
Noodles with ham and salad (2,8) 7,20
Baked Camembert (french cheese) with cranberries (2,4,11) 7,50
3 potatoe pancakes with Sauerkraut or apple compote (sweet) (5,11) 6,90
Grilled Milzwurst sausage of milt with potato salad (8) 7,90
Grilled meatloaf pork with fried egg and potato salad (2,8) 7,60


Bavarian sausages salad chopped sausage with vinegrette dressing and bread (2,4,7,8) 6,80
Sausage salad "Swiss style" with cheese and bread (2,4,7,8) 7,20
Bavarian cheese spread with brown bread (2) 7,10
Cold cut platter with ham, meat loaf, cheese, hash and liver sausage (2,4,8) 8,50
Lukewarm grilled brisket of pork with creamy horseradish and potato salad (2,5,8) 7,90

Lukewarm half roasted knuckle of pork with creamy horseradish and potato salad (2,5,8)


Every order change € 0,50 · Additionally ketchup or mayonnaise € 0,30 · Aditionally cranberries € 0,50

1) with dye
2) with preservatives
3) with Antioxidants

4) with flavor enhancer
5) with sweeteners
6) sulphuretted

7) blackened
8) waxed
9) with phosphate

10) with nitrite salt
11) with milk protein
12) with caffeine

13) with quinine